As session presenters from the November 2nd, 2016 conference in Topeka share their materials with us, we’ll post them here. Check back after the 2nd for the latest resources.

November 2015 Sessions

5 Under-Appreciated Google Tools for the Social Studies Classroom
Glenn Wiebe
Online resources

Great Books
Charlie Murphy
Discussion Guides
Great Books for Social Studies

Project-Based Learning and National History Day
Kyle Johnson
Scavenger Hunt Links
Scavenger Hunt Graphic Organizer

Interrogating the Text: 6 Habits for Effectively Engaging Evidence
Lucinda Evans
Interrogating the Text
Dr. King primary source

Looking for Resources? Check Out the Kansas Historical Society
Marcia Fox

Truman Library Resources
Truman Education Programs
White House Decision Center



During the 2015 conference at the McPherson Opera House, there were 16 different sessions that focused on a wide variety of topics. It’s been more than a few months but you can still find useful resources, materials, and links from those sessions here.

February 2015 Session One

Gamification & Civics Education
Travis Hampl

Free Resources for Teaching Economics
Angela Howdeshell
KCEE Website

Putting Social Studies Back into the Elementary Classroom
Marcia Fox

History Labs
Paul Kitchen

February 2015 Session Two

Using Online Digital Newspapers
Michael Church

Creating Assessments
Jill Weber

Teaching Current Events in the 21st Century
Lori Drouhard
Teaching Current Events in the 21st Century
Google Slide version

Teaching Social Studies the “Write” Way
Travis Hardenburger

February 2015 Session Three

Using Formative Assessments Tools for the MDPT
Don Gifford
Keynote Assessment Presentation
Formative Assessment Presentation
KAP Social Studies Primary Sources / Sample Prompts

Let’s Talk About It
Tom Barker

Creating a TEDed Club
Karen Stockwell
Presentation and resources

Historical Thinking Through Art
Dave McIntire
Presentation and Resources

February 2015 Session Four

Using Robot Technology to Connect Students and Content
Mary Madden

Free Rhymes with Me
Monte Evans

Come and Get It!
Deb Brown
Additional Links

Teaching Collective History / National Park Service
Jonathan Winskie
NPS Education Contacts