We’re excited about all of the learning, networking, collaborating, and sharing possibilities . . . we’re especially excited about the opportunities for learning more about social studies and civic engagement! Get the basics below.

When / Where:

Sunday afternoon
October 28

Lyon County History Center
711 Commercial Street
Emporia, KS

October 29
Memorial Union
Emporia State University
1 Kellogg Circle
Emporia, KS


We Can Do It will provide tools, resources, and strategies for teaching and assessing civic engagement, civic literacy, and current social studies best practices. You’ll walk away smarter and your students will be more engaged, informed, and knowledge citizens.

You’ll get a full day and a half of interactive sessions, lunch, vendors, and professional conversations.


Our conference keynote speaker is Joel Breakstone, executive director of the Stanford History Education Group. Yup. That Stanford History Education Group. The one with the very cool lessons and the brand new Online Civic Literacy activities designed specifically to help you build engaged and informed citizens.

The conference schedule also includes dozens of classroom teachers, curriculum coaches, and educators sharing their best stuff!


Registration opens August 23.


You’ve got almost 50 pre-conferences workshops and Monday sessions to pick from.

Check the Schedule page for the latest details.


While there is no conference hotel, there are tons of lodging options in the Emporia area.


You’ll get all sorts of goodies on Sunday and Monday but if you’ve got a craving for a great early morning coffee shop or late night BBQ, head over here for the details.